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The physicians in the Center are:

Family Medicine: Dr. Abdulrazak Abyad
Geriatrics Medicine: Dr. Abdulrazak Abyad
PyschiatristsPsychiatrists: Dr. Fuad Antun
Dermatologist: Dr Zeina Tannous
Gastroenterology: Dr Fadi Murad
ENT: Dr. Philip Rawadi
Ophthalmologists: Dr. Elias Warrack
Dr. Nazih Murad
Orthopedics: Dr. Khaled Hussein
General Surgery: Dr. Mustapha Allouche
OBS & GYN: Dr. Amin Khouzami
Dr. Tony Bazi
Nutritionist Psychoanalyst: Ms Alissar Radi
Ms Osama
Physiotherapy: Ms Farah
Audiologist: Mrs Najawa Husseini
Speech therapist: Ms Rouba Ghanem
Administrative staff: Mrs Siba Abyad
Mis Hana Zouebi