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Middle-East Longevity Institute (MELI)
Comprehensive Health Care Program for the Elderly

Lebanon will develop rapidly aging populations within the next few decades. It is estimated that 8 % of the population is above 65 years of age. This percentage is expected to increase with improvement of the health care system in the country.

However, traditional patterns of family responsibility will diminish with economic development. Young city dwellers may become more preoccupied with the future of their children than with the difficulties of their parents. Women, who traditionally bear the main responsibilities for providing family care, enter the labor force for reasons of personal choice and economic necessity and are no longer available to care for aged relatives. Therefore, new services will have to be instituted to supplement a decaying, informal system and personnel must be produced to provide these services.

The project at the North of Lebanon

Abyad Medical center is a multispeciality group practice that started in 1997. Since its establishment we are committed to provide quality medicine and latest development in the various specialties to the community. We grew from 3 physicians to 12 physicians and currently there are 8000 patients in the center. The center is very active in effort to develop the community in the North of Lebanon. We feel strongly that there is a need to develop geriatric services in the North of Lebanon where good care of the elderly is lacking. Therefore we are proposing to develop a Middle-East Longevity Institute the aim of which is the following:
1. Exemplary services for the elderly
2. Rehabilitation services
3. Preventive services and longevity issues
4. Community Services
5. Training and Education
6. Research Center on elderly and aging issues

The Program as a Model

The suggested Geriatric Services at MELI is an important Facility with a potential for development into the proposed Comprehensive health Care Program for the Elderly. This is an important program for the area and the community at large. Its development will be gradual.

This program will be a good model for the region and Lebanon in terms of
A. Services
B. Training
C. Research

Abyad Business Group

Add to this section the following

Abyad Business Group is a business venture that started in year 2002. So far we represent a number of companies in the UK, Germany and currently negotiating with a number of other companies from different countries.
The companies that we represent include
1-Cambridge Ltd UK
2-Janssen cosmeceutical Germany
3-Bizmedic South Korea

Cambridge Diet

The history of the Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet stems from the early 1960's when Dr Alan Howard, then a research scientist at the University of Cambridge, developed an interest in overweight and obesity. He began to investigate methods of weight reduction, using himself as one of the guinea pigs. Together with Dr Ian McLean-Baird of the West Middlesex Hospital, in 1968 he organised a National Symposium on Obesity, the first ever held in the UK. They went on to collaborate and develop the perfect diet. Successful trials led to the introduction of the Cambridge Diet.

The Diet was launched in the UK in 1984 and is marketed and distributed throughout the UK and Eire by Cambridge Health & Weight Plan (CHWP). CHWP is a division of Cambridge Manufacturing Co. Ltd (CMC), which until the middle of 2005 was wholly owned by The Howard Foundation.

The Wider World

But Cambridge is not just a UK phenomenon, and is now available around the world in more than 25 countries. This expansion began in 1985, with the launch of Cambridge Kuren in Denmark and other parts of Western Europe, such as Germany, France, Sweden and Norway. A little later came The Netherlands and Belgium, Austria, Malta and, most recently, Iceland. Cambridge first arrived in Eastern Europe in 1990, when Cambridge Diet was launched in Poland. The Czech Republic and Russia followed.

In 1995, Cambridge was first introduced into Asia, where it is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the Middle East, distributors have been appointed in Oman, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Cambridge has distributors in Canada, Brazil and Mexico, whilst it remains available in USA under the name 'Dr Howard's Success'


The Cambridge Diet is probably the most researched diet in the world. Extensive research on nutritionally complete very low calorie diets (VLCDs) has confirmed their safety and efficacy in assisting weight loss and weight maintenance.

The Cambridge Diet is probably the most researched diet in the world. Extensive research on nutritionally complete very low calorie diets (VLCDs) has confirmed their safety and efficacy in assisting weight loss and weight maintenance.

Many studies have been carried out into the effects of very low calorie diets. One of the most sophisticated was a clinical trial that examined body composition and metabolic studies with VLCDs. The results of the trial were presented in a book:' The Swansea Trial' edited by Dr Stephen Kreitzman and Dr Alan Howard.

Why choose the Cambridge Diet

Since 1984 the Cambridge weight management programmes have provided practical help and support for anyone wanting to lose weight.
The three key ingredients to their success:
1. Flexible solutions matched to your needs
2. Nutritionally balanced formula food
3. Personal support from your Cambridge Counselor

Janssen Cosmetics

JANSSEN COSMECEUTICAL is a modern skincare product line made in Aachen, Germany, using latest skincare technology in search for efficiency and results in skin treatment. It includes the essential products for daily skin maintenance, anti-wrinkle formulas, vitamin C concentrates, skin lightening complex, acne treatment, sensitive skin, moisturizers, eye care cream, essentials for combination skin, body firming, slimming and toning lotions, bust tightening and tensorizing gels, skincare concentrates in ampoules, collagen sheets, and high-tech professional salon products. Latest technology includes beauty formulations with phyto-hormons, vitamin K, red clover and iris-extract, subtilisin, white lupins extract, botox replacement, isoflavonoids, echium oil as well as a wellness and spa line with grape therapy, chocolate and cocoa (cacao) as well as vine body packs, hot stone massage, stone therapy, and skin lightener and brightener with waltheria indica extract, AHA fruit acids. Further have been developed softgel capsules with retinol, Q10 Enzyme, soy isoflavonoids, eye vitality extract, a long lasting make up and foundation line, men's grooming products like anti wrinkle, anti-age and anti-time and Hydro Gel sources. A worldwide distribution in more than 50 countries.


Bizmedic is a specialised company that manufactures equipment that helps in the diagnosis and management of Obesity.

Middle East Journal of Business

In addition Abyad Business is the editorial office of the Middle East Journal of Business.